Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer | Jesse and Rachelle

After an amazing conference in beautiful Georgia, I came home refreshed and ready to photograph a beautiful wedding for my cousin Rachelle (cousin in-law technically speaking). I hate to admit, I was nervous photographing this wedding—it’s family. I feel like anything I would say would only re-itterate all of the wonderful blessings and well-wishes J+R have received on their wedding day. I am so happy for this beautiful couple and for their unwavering faith in God’s plan for their lives. It is so amazing to see their love blossom and I pray that as time grows their marriage it will strengthen like a mighty oak.

Safe travels home from Puerto Rico and welcome to the family Jesse, you married into the best!


SKrjwed164228Jesse has two loves in his life, Rachelle of course is the first 😉 and then this bright yellow lady…isn’t she lovely!!


So like any proud momma, I want to show off my crazy kids…please excuse Miss Lilybug was incredibly grumpy and sassy pants!!!

…and finally ONE good photo…



  • Fred Parsons - So nice and the Wedding was very nice too. I’m a guy I like Cars.