Gull Lake Country Club | Amy and Emyr

A beautiful day for a lovely wedding. Amy and Emyr said “I do” this September at the gorgeous Gull Lake Country Club near Kalamazoo, MI. Amy and Emyr are a fun couple and I loved that several details of their wedding day were so unique to them. It was such an honor to be apart of their special day, big hugs to you both!



One of Amy’s (two) dresses. I loved this one, it was so vintage and the peplum waist looked phenomenal on Amy’s figure.

kalamazooweddingphotographer-5914kalamazooweddingphotographer-5916High heels and glitzy jewels. kalamazooweddingphotographer-5925kalamazooweddingphotographer-5928kalamazooweddingphotographer-5945kalamazooweddingphotographer-5950kalamazooweddingphotographer-5952No words can describe the moment when the bride and groom get to see one another privately prior to the ceremony. It’s incredibly special to share a quiet moment, likely the only one you’ll get until you are alone in your hotel room. We love that grooms are more relaxed and genuine with their emotions. Emyr was loving Amy in her bridal attire, you could see it on his face.

kalamazooweddingphotographer-5989kalamazooweddingphotographer-5997kalamazooweddingphotographer-6007kalamazooweddingphotographer-6008kalamazooweddingphotographer-6010kalamazooweddingphotographer-6013kalamazooweddingphotographer-6016kalamazooweddingphotographer-6052kalamazooweddingphotographer-6123Tracy from Park Place Design and Shelby from a Day’s Design were wonderful!! Park Place is known for it’s beautiful floral design and Shelby was the chief taking care of every small detail and final touches on the decor.

kalamazooweddingphotographer-6134kalamazooweddingphotographer-6140kalamazooweddingphotographer-6141kalamazooweddingphotographer-6144Amy and Emyr both work at a local hospital pharmacy, so miniature mortar and pestal sets seemed a fitting wedding favor. kalamazooweddingphotographer-6146I love seeing my work at the wedding day!! One of my favorite engagement sessions was on a little Lake Michigan beach with these two lovebirds.

kalamazooweddingphotographer-6147kalamazooweddingphotographer-6149kalamazooweddingphotographer-6157The ceremony was set down by the lake, so beautiful and breezy. It was amazing weather.

kalamazooweddingphotographer-6163kalamazooweddingphotographer-6169kalamazooweddingphotographer-6170kalamazooweddingphotographer-6175kalamazooweddingphotographer-6179kalamazooweddingphotographer-6182kalamazooweddingphotographer-6183kalamazooweddingphotographer-6185kalamazooweddingphotographer-6236kalamazooweddingphotographer-6282kalamazooweddingphotographer-6288kalamazooweddingphotographer-6293kalamazooweddingphotographer-6299kalamazooweddingphotographer-6306kalamazooweddingphotographer-6377kalamazooweddingphotographer-6386So happy.



Photographer : Stephanie Karen Photography

Wedding Coordination and Details : A Day’s Design

Floral Design : Park Place Design

Venue : Gull Lake Country Club

Cake : Continental Bakery



  • Cheryl Bower - Dear Amy is my late brother’s daughter… we live in Nova Scotia and do not get to see the family as often as we would like. However, there was no way that we were going to miss being at Amy & Emyr’s special day.

    You have captured many of the same beautiful moments that I had captured in my heart!! You were obviously very “tuned into” the feelings of everyone on that day.

    FABULOUS FABULOUS work… thank you!!

    Cheryl Bower

  • Judy Bower - Wonderful photography of this beautiful couple on their wedding day…seems like a dream!