Old Dog. New Tricks.

I have learned in this business that the opportunities to connect with like-minded souls is invaluable. Learning from three great photographers…actually four…was a chance of a lifetime for J and I. I wanted to share a few “behind the scenes” shots from Mere and Dale’s engagement session in Florence.

Gelato. It’s creamy fabulousness was un-matched by any ice cream that I have ever had. For the most part, J asked no questions but when I had gelato three times in one day…I think he began to worry!! In my defense, I was pregnant with twins.

So yummy. 


J captured this sneaky little photo of Mere  🙂  she is seriously the sweetest person I have ever met in my life…but she is definitely looking a little mischievious. 


Becker can work a camera. He is known for is relaxed portraits but he is really great at getting people to laugh…no holds bar “say anything” to get you to laugh!! 


Becker teaching “how to ooze awesomeness” to each one of us…trade secrets…
DISCLAIMER: No birds were harmed or brought to an untimely death to create this photo…

I did however almost lose my husband and a good lens to a speeding moped in this very spot…Jason dropped a lens while crossing the street and it went rolling down the slight decline and and a moped came around the corner as he was chasing the lens down the hill. It was a traumatic moment. And there is our fine feathered friend. I told you he was unharmed!! Dale is a lover not a fighter.  🙂As we walked around the city photographing Dale and Mere, people began to take notice and I think they thought we were paparazzi following some famous couple…Phil helping Mere prevent any wardrobe malfunctions, what a great guy…and ladies, he might be single!!Being in Florence was a really amazing experience. I will be the first to admit that I missed home and I missed my children (Lily and Irie). I was absolutely in awe of the sights and sounds that surrounded me. Intricately detailed architecture, street artists, the amazing food and being with such a wonderful group of people who shared the passion in capturing life. It is something I will never forget.