Roots | Film Photography

In this profession I believe success comes in time with hard work and truly knowing your craft. Fourteen years ago, I had a dream and a well-worn-in 35mm film camera borrowed from my grandfather. In the beginning, I had very little mentorship, I simply made my way on my own figuring out as I went along. It was not until 2007 when I made the switch from film to digital that I began to find others in this business who wanted to share their knowledge and wisdom. I began to experience exponential growth within my business and at first it was wonderful. However, with growth also comes times of standstill and in last three years have brought some of the most challenging moments for me as a professional. There have been several moments I have wanted to step back and quit because I felt defeated. Nearly a year ago I attended this amazing conference Pursuit31, it was during this conference I finally accepted exactly where I was. For the first time in 2 years I felt peace and had a sense of clarity. It was here I made the decision to specialize in women’s luxury portraiture (beauty & boudoir) as my primary and wedding photography as my secondary. I had also been toying with the idea of getting a medium format camera since 2011, but it was incredibly intimidating to me. At the conference I felt a stronger pull to get back to my roots and start shooting film again; and stop feeling intimidated! There is true skill and patience that comes with shooting film. It’s not instantly gratifying, capturing film is slower paced and intentional. As selfish as it might seem this is for me, shooting what I love and pursuing something tangible and eventually something I hope to share with my clients. After months of researching and some awesome advice and guidance from fellow photographer  Scott MichaelI finally took the leap and purchased my very first medium format camera. Scott was awesome and just reminded me that camera’s are tools in our craft, some tools are better than others but if you don’t know how to use it properly it won’t even matter. Thank you so much Scott for everything, answering all my questions and sharing comparison photos and bestowing a piece of your wisdom with me. I am so excited to re-learn my craft and push myself outside the a little side by side comparison on size, on the left in my Canon 5D Mark II and on the right is my Mamiya RZ67. She is a beast, a big beautiful heavy well made piece of awesome! Scott gave me several warnings about the size of this particular camera, and he was not joking!image